(or general explanations of the work process and other fun facts!)


Thanks for reading this. Being a small operation and a single lady show, there are some limitations I have to play in the bounds of in the creation of all this work! In this section I hope to communicate and clarify some of these points, but if any of it is confusing, you don't see your question, or you want to know more, please reach out to me!

First of all, many of my stones are hand-cut by my friend and lapidarist Merlin in Livingston, MT. Because of this one of the beautiful things is that many pieces are one-of-a-kind. I can kind of replicate pieces, but exact matches are not going to be easy to come by! I usually try to buy similar stones so I can show you options to make a similar piece.

This brings us neatly into customization and custom pieces. I get quite a few of these, and have to turn them down because what seems like a simple modification, actually means destroying the whole piece and rebuilding it. But I want you to love your piece and for it to be worn with pride and excitement. So for example, you see a ring that needs to come home with you! But it's the wrong size. You email me and ta-da! I have a sister stone that is even better than the original one! At this point, I am more than happy to replicate the original design that we will agree on. Similar stones and a correct size for a perfect match, at the same price listed. But this is about as far as the customization goes. I have learned from experience that here is where I need to halt the options because things can get out of hand quickly and I end up having to charge a studio fee for modification. I will try to communicate this with you as clearly as possible, but I appreciate your understanding of this issue.

For ring modifications (resizing) the first resize is $35 and any other modifications past that will be charged studio time + materials cost.  

I don't repair other jeweler's work. 

As for custom pieces, there is in initial free 30 minute consultation, if we decide to move forward in the project, time is billed at $75/hr. plus materials. We can determine a timeline and the different aspects of your project at that point and a 50% deposit of estimated project costs is required at the time of project conception. I really love seeing the time and dedication that people want to put into a special project, but sometimes the case has been after a few hours of design work we determine that all the elements wanted are not possible and then I have just used up valuable time for nothing. I have to make my time count, and thank you for your support in this aspect in advance.