Who am i?

Here I go. This is artist portrait is different than the basic paragraph I had before. As I am about to venture into new places and a new ways of being, I feel like I want to share more of who I am, and hopefully why we connect or are friends. People are complicated! I have been smithing for a decade and thought it could be a good time to ask myself why do I keep picking up the torch?

I want to create jewelry that is made with a fierce intention that stands in solidarity with the complexities of what it means to be woman. As I grow and change, so do the people around me and this is a celebration. As is the task of change and embracing growth while I make sense of the past. The past makes up who I am now even though it may not always be easy to transform pain into celebration.

Understanding that balance will take enormous work and willpower. Mastery of not only dreams but those shadow figures of sabotage and desctruction will be the greatest challenge I hope to solve. But as I look forward and back, I have tools now. The solution presents itself in many twisted and layered ways, but it is already within you, in me too. The saddest thing would be to not try to find it. My why is also my try.

I create powerful, curious pieces with an intelligent edge for women who are not done telling their stories. These women have a great and terrible depth of beauty because of their story. They believe in the resiliency and relentless hope of the human spirit.

Since this connection is complicated,  I turn to those who have come before me. I always love a good story, connected with words written in centuries past. An artist's job is to illuminate the shadow parts of our peripheral vision, and my theory is that if I can communicate some of my vision, you will be able to put words to your own. We are in this together.