Elsie Rings

Elsie Rings


The Hawker Hurricane! The most remembered fighter aircraft from the RAF corps is probably the Spitfire, but right behind that is the Hurricane. As WWII spread towards Britain, the scramble for tactical aircraft was at fever pitch. A Canadian car factory took up the contract to produce Hurricanes and their Chief Engineer was Elsie McGill. Elsie was the first woman in the world to earn an aeronautical engineering degree, on top of an electrical engineering degree. A comic book was created about her and her nickname- the Queen of the Hurricanes.

This ring has a little more structure with the half circle balancing the feather. I like the idea that we can do both- the technical and the creative. The sky is a guideline for boundless limits.

You can pick your stone choice and ring size, I'll make the ring special for you when the order comes in! Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery.

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