The night witches. This was the nickname the Germans gave the deadly 588th Night Bomber Regiment of Soviet women aviators.

"They flew under the cover of darkness in bare-bones plywood biplanes. They braved bullets and frostbite in the air while battling skepticism and sexual harassment on the ground. They were feared and hated so much by the Nazi's that any German who downed one was automatically awarded the prestigious Iron Cross medal... They were nicknamed the night witches because the whooshing noise their wooden planes made resembled that of a sweeping broom. The sound was the only warning the Germans had. The planes were too small to show up on radar or infrared locators. They never used radios so radio locators couldn't pick them up either. They were basically ghosts."*

This ring is swish combination of a flight feather and gemstone, magical power isn't always noisy... Ride those brooms girls.

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