Alpenglow Necklaces

Alpenglow Necklaces

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When the long light of the big sky lights up the mountains, it tugs me. It's my favorite time of day. These scenes are all freehand. I create the picture from my mind, from memories of the mountains. The thing about using a single saw blade is that you get one line. One chance for the correct ridgeline, one chance for the correct height. If you mess up, then that's it! Back to square one.  This means each piece is one of a kind. 

The long/short necklace style means you can wear it two ways- a longer necklace with the chain at full length or there is a clasp that you can undo and wear it shorter, by attaching the clasp to any link that fits your fancy.

The lariat necklace is also adjustable- but if the lariat loop slides over the clasp it can look like the necklace doesn't work anymore! Not the case. Just slide the loop back past the clasp and bam! Back in business.

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