Thanks for reading! Here are some answers to my most common inquiries and questions. I am a single person show- making the things, photoing the things, buying materials, janitor, website editor, communications director, packaging creator,  and an array of other hilarious positions. This means I will try to answer your inquiries, but I really appreciate you giving this page a read through.  



fly free jewelry hand cut stones from bozeman montana
  • Is this jewelry fragile? Handmade jewelry is a powerful form of self expression that I am proud to make. If the pieces resonate with you, treat them like old dear friends. Be gentle with them. Hand-cut stones are not packed with plastic reinforced resins and other hardening techniques found in mass produced jewelry. That being said, I encourage you to get to know your jewelry. Do some google searching to gain a personal understanding of what your piece can stand. This could take just 10 minutes but give you a sense of peace knowing you can handle your stone. 
  • Is this jewelry meant for ornament or everyday wear? Everyday wear! Unless otherwise noted. Be aware of what you want from your pieces. I wear mine to bits, knowing they will break down eventually (Aries) and this is okay with me. There is heartache sometimes; I have lost rings in the river, accidentally rode over earrings with my bike, and other tragedies, most of which could have been avoided if I practiced proper care.  When treated with attention and TLC, handmade jewelry will last much longer than mass produced jewelry every time. 
  • I am a hardcore out door enthusiast and want to wear all my jewelry all the time, will it stand the test of the elements? Avoid crazy scenarios with your handmade jewelry for the longest/best lasting experience. Harsh chemicals, perfumes, lotions, water, body oil, sun exposure, heat exposure, and constant water exposure. Every stone is different. Some can really handle some rugged terrain, and others fall out of their settings after being showered with. So do you have to take your rings on your rafting trip down the Grand Canyon? Maybe. Is there a good chance they might make it out in a different state that when they started? Probably. Choices!
  • What is your jewelry made out of? All of my materials are genuine and I do my best to know where stones are from and their different characteristics. By genuine I mean if I can see the slab of original rock I will and that is I how I know what stones are. I don't pull out my molecular scientific instruments, but have been am a huge gem nerd and enthusiast and know my preferences. I try to provide names and basic attributes to most stones, but feel free to do some research! Is the stone you are getting soft? Hard? Potentially damaged by sun or water or heat exposure? This is good info to know. For example, moonstones/labradorites/turquoises are very soft stones. We probably shouldn't put them in rings that will get banged around but we do anyway because we love them. Will they change over time? Yes. Will they ever be returned to their originally purchased pristine state? Probably not. Does this mean you should avoid them at all costs, especially if they are tugging at your heartstrings? No.
  • Cleaning and maintenance: you probably don't need to scrub the dickens out of your pieces. A gentle jewelry cloth or metal brush will probably work just fine (I can send you some if you ask v nicely) but stepping up the cleaning process to a soft bristle toothbrush and mild soap can work wonders (especially one exposed crystals like druzy).  
  • The stone in my piece appears to have changed in color since I purchased it. Is there something wrong? Some stones will change due to wear and exposure. Especially soft porous stones (here's looking at your turquoise and variscite) will absorb some of these outside moistures and oils. The ancient Egyptians used to think that turquoise was a warning stone: that it would change color in anticipation of a stressful event. This could have been because the wearer was stressed and would sweat more; causing the stone to become darker. Asking the things we love and use in our daily lives to never change is unrealistic. This is part of the process, almost a rite of passage, just like fine wine. 
  • Quick Hardness Guide:
    • Softies- Variscite, Turquoise, Moonstone, Labradorite, Shattuckite, Sonoran Sunrise, Lapis
    • Glass-like hardness- Agate, Chalcedony, Lime Chrysophrase, Garnet, Peridot, Citrine, Amethyst, Pietersite

shipping fly free jewelry


  • When will my piece ship?! For already made items, they will ship between 1-3 business days from date of purchase. You will receive a confirmation email with a tracking number once the piece does ship. I usually us USPS priority mail, this means your package can take anywhere from 1-12 days if mailed to a location in the United States. These times have been successful so far, but I reserve the right to change the shipping times due to medical or personal emergencies. As a solo person show, I thought I should include something about this. I haven't needed to change any shipping dates so far, but you know life is crazy. I pack each piece in a crush proof box.
  • For made-to-order items: please allow between 1-2 weeks for shipping. Each piece has different needs but I will get them out ASAP! Sometimes stones have some attitude that is not appreciated, but can be resolved in a day or two.
  • The ring/earrings/necklace I bought doesn't fit. Can I return it? I don't accept returns or exchanges based on the wrong size. I really like having great communication with my customers and will check with you about details, especially made to order items, but I am constructing pieces on your information. Knowing what sizes of fingers you have, or what necklace and earring lengths is good information in general, and I highly encourage getting to know yourself and your needs. That being said I will try to do what I can, but please understand my options are limited.
  • I bought these earrings from you 2 years ago but have only worn them like twice, can I exchange them? Oh boy. While I will try to accommodate reasonable needs and requests, please think about these questions from my perspective. I don't know what you have been doing with your pieces, what they have been exposed to et cetera. It isn't fun to turn you down, but I just can't take these pieces back. Within 2 weeks of purchase for made items is a great rule of thumb.
  • I bought this ring from you 4 years ago and have been wearing it daily and the shank detached- can you fix it for free? This is the thing. I make mistakes. Sometimes solder joints are wonky or stones rock themselves out of their brackets. Mistakes on my end I will fix immediately, free of charge. But believe me I know the difference. After 4 years of continuous wear for this particular ring in question, it didn't have much more love to give. To restore the piece will require a complete rebuild of the setting and piece entirely, time and material cost going to me. I will let you know if we can work something out, but it is going to cost money. Sometimes I buy fancy clothes and wear them dancing, out on the town and traveling! But after 4 years and lots of holes I don't return to the store and ask them to stitch them back up for free. I have to draw the line at customer neglect and excessive wear.

Ring Sizes and Custom Work

fly free jewelry
  • I love this ring! But it's not my size! A fantastic part of my job is the creativity that comes from working with unique materials. Which means it is very hard to change made up rings. I have begun to address this puzzle by offering photos of unset stones than can be made into a similar styles of the pieces you love. It's not perfect, but at least there are options.
  • What is my ring size? This is where my man google is a champion. There are several different ways to get a ring measurement, so wing it! A piece of string around your finger will get you a general idea that you can double check with a more specific source or guide that makes sense to you. Don't use tape. Someone tried to give me measurement in tape. It was unreliable. Also, know your body. My fingers change a size between summer and winter. And my fingers span 3 ring sizes so I am not so particular if the ring is a 8 and a third of one fourth. I can make an 8 or the 8 1/2 work, because I know my fingers. I will try to size rings as close to the measurement you provide me as possible, but be aware after the stone is set my options are limited. I can sometimes make rings bigger, but never smaller.
  • I have my great-great-great-great grandmother's ring- can you resize it for me?! I am so very sorry- I cannot! I do not resize any pieces made by others. There is no way of knowing how the other craftsman constructed the piece and I won't take on the stress of potentially damaging your piece. Most made pieces in my shop cannot be resized either. There are made to order options and I would be happy to send you some photos of other stones if you don't like any of the ones you see. 
  • I am getting married! Can you make our rings?! First of all, congratulations! Second, I must politely decline. For now, weddings are not in my scope of projects. 
  • I have this crazy project idea! When can I pop by to tell you about it? The power of technology! If you have a custom idea, try to get some good photos of what you are thinking. I can give you a yes or no based on these, but I still haven't accepted the project. I can only take on custom work from February-May and September to November. The other months I have shows and just get too busy. If we can figure out your project through email it saves me time, or I will give you a phone call. If I do take on custom projects they begin at $500. There will be a 50% deposit due on acceptance, with the remaining 50% due at time of delivery.
  • I have some pieces that I love but have broken! Do you do repairs?  I don't! But could you?! Jewelry that needs repairing presents an interesting opportunity. Since the main piece is already there, could you change it? Could you make a broken ring into a necklace? Drill some holes? Add a jump ring? The basics of jewelry don't have to be complicated and you are totally capable of them. Google, youtube, pinterest and online articles could probably get you some great ideas that could get you well on your way and get your piece some new life. I believe in you.