My Kintsugi

My Kintsugi


I tend to make friends out of many of the things I make. I have always been an emotional little cookie and learning how to wrangle my emotions into creativity is easier on some days than others.

I had a crazy trip to Tuscon this year and was feeling very protective of my carry on full of special stones while I was trying to get home. Once I made it, this little one was in his broken state. I know I was tired and frustrated at the traveling ordeal, but somehow this little stone became a fixture in my mind that I would not give up on the beauty that needed to be transformed.

Part of my heart felt like I let him down, part of my heart thought he wanted to be a Gemini. Being broken doesn’t mean being forgotten.

Kintsugi is a Japanese art form that celebrates breaks and flaws in pottery as part of an object’s history. It is called ‘golden joinery’ or ‘golden repair’…. Silver repair in this case.

Turquoise and sterling. 16-18 inches, adjustable.

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