Shipping & Returns


I will try to ship between 1-3 days of the time of purchase but you should receive an email from me about the confirmation of your order, I like being in touch, so if you don't hear anything, please let me know! This is a new website and I want to make sure things are working correctly so it could be a technical snafu. 

I usually ship USPS but if you have a shipping preference- holler at me!


Shopping online for jewelry is hard. I have to try on things sometimes to get a feel of it's correct fit. If something you ordered doesn't quite do what you wanted, email me as soon as possible and we can work on a solution. Every piece is returnable with a full refund within 2 weeks of purchase, but communicate with me on what is going on. I want you to be happy!

This is a learning process and I am bound to make mistakes. If something happens to your piece that is my error, a bad solder joint, or a stinker stone rocks itself out of its setting, I got you! Get the piece back to me and I will cover all of the fixes. Again, just communicate with me on what is going on and we get you fixed right as rain.