Choose your stack...

Choose your stack...

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I love changing my mind. I change outfits all the time and I like to change the jewelry too. These are like my staple kind of rings. You could wear just a stack of bands, one simple silver, a stack of silver and gold, gold with the gemstones. Choices.

These are all made to order. Select your stone choice and then it will prompt you to enter your ring size. The picture of all the rows of stones are what I will be choosing from, and they are from top to bottom: variscite (light green) :: turquoise (darker green/aqua) :: pink chalcedony (pinkish/coral) :: moonstone (whiteish with rainbow/blue flash) :: smoky quartz (grey).

All of the stone rings are $95 per ring

All of the bands (silver or gold fill) are $30 per ring.

Customs take 2-3 weeks for delivery. Holler if you have any questions!

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